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ACCA Summer School

Why choose this course?

Get a head start in your career this summer

‌We've partnered with ACCA to offer an exclusive Accelerate Summer School programme.‌

‌This programme allows you the chance to gain your first ACCA Professional Level paper (P1) through our accelerated summer programme. The ACCA P1 Paper, Governance, Risk and Ethics will develop your knowledge and skills, risk and ethics - essential for any future CFO.

In an increasingly competitive market employers are looking for more than just knowledge to make a candidate stand out. Career-minded students are thinking ahead and signing up to summer schools to give themselves a competitive head start. This allows ambitious students like you to stay one step ahead of your peers, expand your experience, enhance your qualifications and grow your network whilst displaying a high level of drive to potential employers. For those of you who have secured your dream job, the Summer School offers the chance to accelerate your pathways to Chartered Certified status.

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