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MPhil or PhD Business and Management

Why choose this course?

A course that makes business sense

Our research maintains both strong connections with the Derbyshire region and active international links. We try to make sure it has a genuine relevance to current business practice, so that organisations benefit from its findings and enjoy a real-world advantage.

You can undertake a negotiated programme of research leading to the award of either a Master of Philosophy degree or a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

These higher degrees are awarded in recognition of a successful period of research training normally culminating in the production of a thesis. There are three routes to a higher degree:

MPhil is designed for graduates who want to gain a strong knowledge and understanding of the subject and then take the discipline forward through an approved programme of original research.

New Route PhD is for recently qualified graduates with good honours degrees who are keen to progress immediately to a research experience in preparation for a career in which the ability to undertake research will play a key role.

Traditional Route PhD entails a programme of research which normally takes three years of full-time study. You can choose to take it part-time over a period of up to six years. The traditional route enables capable and qualified individuals to pursue an original research investigation into a chosen topic within a field of enquiry.

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