Systemic Practice and Personal and Professional Development 2 - Level 7

About this module

This module aims to provide a synthesis of the theory gained in Systemic Theory and Practice 3 and 4, alongside a developing awareness of personal and professional reflexive processes for the development of rigorous, competent, reflexive psychotherapeutic practice. 

This module will run across the academic year and will contain all professional practice and personal and professional development requirements. Live supervised practice in training teams will continue from Semester One, through to the end of Semester Two.

You will be expected to interview clients as the lead practitioner as well as contribute to the live family therapy team and to consult to other members of the team and to their clients. Personal and Professional development will also run across both semesters in facilitated group sessions which will offer space to reflect more widely on issues of personal values and beliefs and issues of equality of practice and ethical positioning. 

Professional practice requires an ability to communicate ideas both orally and in a written form and opportunities to demonstrate these skills will run throughout this module.

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Fact file

Which professions is this module aimed at? All Health and Social Care Professionals

Start dates are usually: September

Module credits: 20 credits

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to organise work and manage organisational tasks and liaison efficiently and effectively.
  2. Evidence an ability to communicate the process of therapy in both oral and written forms to psychotherapy colleagues as well as other professionals. 
  3. Offer evidence of an ability to consult constructively with colleagues. 
  4. Critically appraise your ability to adapt skills to engage a variety of clients to make changes in their lives.

Fees and finance

Studying via LBR

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Where will I study?

You'll study this course via on campus learning.

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