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Academic preparation

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Studying at university is very different to being at school.

Not everything that you need to know for your assignments will be taught in your lectures or seminars. You will be expected to do your own reading and research.

Different courses have different methods of assessment - some will be measured entirely by written assignments, group work and presentations, some by exams and many will be a mixture of all of these. Professional courses may also include a placement, which you must successfully complete in order to pass your course.

Being prepared before you leave home will give you a better chance of success once your course begins. Read through the information about your course that your Faculty has sent you, so that you understand how the course is structured and assessed. It is better to know in advance how things work than to be surprised in week 4.

Do also try to read some of the recommended texts for your course - particularly if you have never studied this subject before. Just having a basic grasp of some of the core concepts and ideas you are likely to be studying can improve your confidence. We know that when you study with confidence you remember more, make more connections and enjoy studying more.

If you do struggle academically help is available - the sooner you use it the more it can help you.

If you have a learning difficulty or a disability that affects your ability to study you are entitled to additional support. Please contact the Student Wellbeing Service on:

Derby campus

T: 01332 593000


Buxton campus

T: 01298 330 414