Welcome to Joint Honours

‌‌‌‌Induction and Enrolment Week: 12 - 16 September 2016

Your first week with us will be the time when you find out about the University and about studying on Joint Honours. You'll meet academic and support staff who'll be important to you during your study and you'll start to find your way around the University so that you will be ready for the start of teaching on Monday 19 September.

So, what's going to happen during Induction and Enrolment week?

You should already have received a letter from us, and we've sent you:

If you've not received your letter, don't worry.  We can send you another hard copy (contact studentcentre@derby.ac.uk), click on the hyperlink above to print them off, or just keep reading because the information is here too.  

You'll be able to find the induction activities schedule here   Please keep checking back on these pages because we'll use them to give you updates.

5 steps to induction and enrolment on Joint honours

Step 1 - Before you arrive

We should have already sent you a link to a really useful web guide called 'Preparing to start Uni'. This has lots of useful information which will help you settle in to your life as a student with us at Derby. Please find time to take a look- it doesn't take long.

The email with the link will have given you a User ID which is a 9 digit number: this is your student number and will be your student number for the length of your study with us. The password given in the email will only work for the 'Preparing to start Uni' web guide.

Step 2 - Online Enrolment

You will receive an email invitation for online enrolment. Our students enrol online, which gives them the opportunity to do it at a time and place that's convenient for them. The email will give you your student number and a password that you will need to use to get to the enrolment screens. This password is case sensitive. Don't worry, this jumble of letters and numbers can be changed to something sensible for you to remember after you've started with us.

The enrolment screens can sometimes seem daunting. The first screens need personal details from you: addresses, phone numbers etc. They move onto screens where we need to gather information for the government, like whether your parents/ guardians or carers have a degree, and their occupations.

Finally you'll reach the exciting screen where the modules you'll be studying are there for you to select. All the modules you'll be doing will be listed, you need to click on them to select them all before you can complete your enrolment. If you're stuck don't worry, there are help buttons on all the screens.

Step 3 - Induction week: 12 - 16 September

There's a whole host of stuff that will be happening over this week. As a Joint honours student, you'll have the benefit of 2 lots of activities because you're doing 2 subjects. But sometimes it might mean that you need to make a choice between activities if they're happening at the same time.

Many of the activities will be alongside students who are studying the single honours degree for your subject so you'll have lots of chance to meet with students you'll be studying with.

Some of the activities are compulsory and you MUST attend them. Some will be optional. We've identified the the compulsory ones for you. Please check our Induction activities schedule to find out what you should attend. Remember you only need to go along to the subejct introductions for the two subjects you're going to be studying.

Step 4 -  Confirmation of Enrolment: 12- 16 September

If you've enrolled successfully online, fantastic! You'll still need to 'confirm' your enrolment in person on campus. This is a quick and easy process which will take place in the library at Kedleston Road (or Markeaton Street if all your study takes place there). All we do is check that we've got all the information we need, that your modules are right and that we know who's going to be paying your fees. If you've got your Student Finance England letters, bring them along. We'll take a digital photo and issue you an ID card. 

If you've not managed to enroll online, don't worry, you'll be able to do this in the Library too.

It may be that one of your subjects has scheduled time for this - you only need to do it once, not once for each subject.

Step 5 -  Teaching starts from Monday 19 September!

You will have a personalised timetable that you can access from our Uni App once you've confirmed your enrolment (see Step 4 above). To download the app, go to your store and search for 'DerbyUni', it's available for IOS, Android and Blackberry devices. If you download it early, there's lots of useful information, the bit with your timetable will appear once you've confirmed your enrolment. 

Tap in logoRemember to carry your ID card around with you at all times, you'll need it to access some parts of the university, for taking out books from the library, and to Tap In to register your attendance in class.‌


Need help or to speak with someone?

Before induction week you can contact us at studentcentre@derby.ac.uk or ring 01332 591066.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, the Student Centres in the Atrium at Kedleston Road, or Lower Ground Floor at Britannia Mill are there to help.  There'll also be a Joint Honours stand in the Atrium at Kedleston Road during induction week, with staff to help you find your way around and answer any general queries.  

We will have Joint honours Academic Advisers available across the week if you need to discuss your modules or enrolment.  They'll be available:

Monday 12th September 2-4pm in room B117 at Kedleston Road

Tuesday 13th September 9.30-12 noon in B117 at Kedleston Road

Tuesday 13th September 1.30-4pm in B102

Wedneday 14th September 2-4pm in the Academy Bar at Kedleston Road

Thursday 15th September 10-12noon in B102 at Kedleston Road.