What our students say

Getting a feel for somewhere before you choose to study there can be tricky, so we’ve asked a selection of students from our Buxton Campus to tell us what like about their course, what made them choose to study in Buxton and what their favourite things about living and studying here are. 

Jonah, Events Management

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"Through my course, I’m getting practical experience, studying relevant subjects, and getting first-hand industry experience through working on events within the Dome. Buxton was the number one place in the country for my subject when I applied and I was looking for an opportunity to escape from the city. Also, Buxton is so close to Manchester on the train whenever I do need to go to a city.

"I like that the university is very accessible. I am always walking distance away from where I need to go. Although it is a small campus, university is what you make of it and it is good to go somewhere and try something new. Wherever you live, there is always someone you know close by and there are always events happening, including possibilities for working at the events."

Abigail, Tourism Destination Management

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"On my course, I particularly like going on work placements. This gives me the opportunity to work on real-life projects alongside my degree. I also like the small classrooms. I chose Buxton because it allowed me to do a fast track degree and had a small, friendly campus, small class sizes and was the first in the league table for my course.

"Although it’s a small town, Buxton has a good variety of shops and a friendly atmosphere – all the students know each other and we work together. It is quiet, yet close to big cities, which is a great combination. There are lots of tourism attractions and events happening and I’m getting familiar with other cultures through having food and drink from different countries at other students’ houses."

Liam, Outdoor Activity Leadership and Coaching

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"The location is very good for my course, as we don’t have to travel far for any outdoor activities. It is great to be getting employment experience while I’m studying. I chose to study in Buxton because I really liked the community feel of a smaller campus and the Dome is an amazing building to be based in.

"We also have smaller class sizes, so you can really get to know your lecturers and peers. Living in Buxton is great because everything is within a close distance. All my friends live nearby and I don’t need to worry about how to get to different places, as everything is within walking distance."

Lara, International Tourism Management

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"I love that all of the theory we learn is immediately supported by practical experience. My lecturers are also amazing. I came to Buxton because I heard really great things about the Buxton Campus, particularly because it is the number one university for tourism in the UK.

"Buxton’s history is connected to my course so we really get real world experience, which not all degree courses offer. There are also lots of societies to join and I am a member of the Multicultural Society. My favourite thing about living in Buxton is that there is always something going on, although it is a small town. There is something here for everyone."

Jacqueline, International Spa Management

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"I have a passion for the spa industry and my course has given me the opportunity to learn about international aspects of the spa industry. I live quite close to Buxton, so it’s very convenient for me and I’d also heard that it is the best place to go for this particular course. It is also a very personal university with a small campus.

"I like how easy it is to get to the university and I am able to stay close to family by studying here. My favourite thing about living in Buxton is getting to live in the country, as it’s peaceful and beautiful. And Manchester is close if I do want to go into a city."

Lucy, International Spa Management

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"This is the best course for my career, as it will enable me to get to where I want to be. It is giving me great experience for management roles. As well as being the best course, Buxton has great facilities in terms of the spa.

"My favourite thing about studying in Buxton is that all of the lecturers know my name and how you work and help is always available. Also, everything is so close! Buxton has a really close community of students, as well as good links to cities, lots of bars and nice restaurants. I always have a great night out as I know everyone around me."

Emily, Hospitality and Culinary Arts

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"I like the amount of real-world experience that is integrated in the course, which has enabled me to get good summer placements. The small class sizes are also great. I chose Buxton as it’s a small town, with everything in walking distance, and it has a great community spirit. It is also one of the best universities for my course and has open and friendly lecturers.

"We get to study in a beautiful open space with lots of history. The university also has friendly societies that put a lot of events on. I frequently use the Transpeak bus to travel between Buxton and Derby, where I can take part in events with the Student Union, enjoying the community spirit and getting involved in freshers’ events. It isn’t intimidating like a big university could be and has a really cute campus. The town has a great atmosphere, with a much more laidback feel than a city." 

David, Outdoor Activity Leadership & Coaching

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"I like the way that my course links theory to practice, particularly as it has given me the opportunity to teach. I chose Buxton because this is a really nice area and particularly great for someone studying my course, as there are plenty of climbing and walking opportunities nearby. It is also one of the best universities for my course. Before I chose to study here, I met one of the lecturers and they made me feel very welcome.

"The university is really well integrated into the area. Studying at Oaklands is really great location-wise, as it has its own woodland. Everything in Buxton is within walking distance and I am able to go climbing every week with the Outdoor Club. There is always something to do in the Pavilion Gardens or other parks. Although my course is based in Buxton, I also frequently go to Derby and get involved with lots of things like the Student Union and their events. I love going to student performances in town."

Courtney, Events Management

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"I love having the opportunity to get real life experience in my subject area. Here, lecturers know your name and you aren’t just a number, which makes the learning very personal. We also have small class sizes. I chose to study here because the course was number one in the Guardian league table at the time, which was really important to me. I also love that it’s quiet and the campus is different to a typical university campus because of its location.

"I love the fact that Buxton is a small town, but still has plenty of nightlife and social activities, such as band nights and club nights. It’s also relatively close to bigger cities like Manchester, Nottingham and Derby. There is plenty going on in Buxton and there is always something to do. Outside of Buxton itself, there are lots of small towns in the area to explore at the weekend, like Bakewell and Matlock."