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Want to leave halls?

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When we can release you from your contract:

  • You're leaving your course

    If you withdraw from your course before 31 October you will still need to pay hall fees for the first term (i.e until 1 January). Students who withdraw between 1 November and 31 January will need to pay hall fees for the first and second term.  Finally if you withdraw at any time after 1 February, you will be required to pay hall fees until the end of the third term.

  • Another Derby student wants to take over the rest of your contract.It's important that they are eligible to move into your room. As long as they are a Derby student and they are not currently living in halls they'll probably be able to take over your contract. They'll also need to be eligible for example a male student can't move into a flat for females only.  You'll still be liable to pay your hall fees until the replacement student signs an agreement with us.

  • There are extenuating circumstances.  If an illness, serious injury or other extenuating circumstances means you need to leave halls as you're in hospital or must stay at home.If this happens you may get a partial hall fees credit to cover this period.  You'll need to give us written evidence showing why you need to leave. 

When we can't release you from your contract:

You can always contact us.

If you are unsure about the withdrawal process and the process of leaving halls dont forget you can talk to any of our staff. There is also a useful booket that outlines the process produced by the University's Student Support and Information Services and you should be able to pick one of those up at the Student Centre at Kedleston Road in Derby or the Dome in Buxton.