What to bring - Moving in - University of Derby

What to bring

Boy carrying stuff for girl moving in

As well as your personal possessions you'll need to consider the following:


  • A bicycle - you can store a bicycle for free at any of our halls.
  • A car or motorbike.  Check your emails in July for a parking application form.

Money and documents

  • some cash to get you through the first few days
  • your bank account details,cash card and cheque book
  • your mobile phone
  • several passport photos
  • car or motorbike documents if you're bringing a vehicle
  • your personal ID, for example your passport, birth certificate or driving licence
  • your national insurance details if you're looking for part time work
  • details of your doctor and dentist, your NHS number and your medical card
  • your address book
  • your Young Persons Railcard or Travelcard
  • late applicants should bring their signed Letting Agreement and completed Payment Confirmation Form

Things for your room

  • your computer and possibly a printer
  • your phone, ipod, stereo and other gadgets
  • your headphones. These are a MUST when listening to loud music.
  • hairdryers, straighteners and razors
  • bed linen, a mattress cover and pillows - if you're an international student, we'll supply you with a bed linen pack free of charge, when you arrive.
  • a laundry bag or basket
  • storage boxes
  • posters, pictures, photos and anything to decorate your room
  • towels, toiletries and toilet roll 

Things for the kitchen

  • enough food and drink to keep you going until you've found the local supermarkets
  • crockery and cutlery.  If you're an international student we'll supply you with a free kitchen pack.
  • kitchen utensils e.g.a cheese grater, tin opener, spatula, whisk etc
  • saucepans and frying pan
  • roasting tins
  • measuring jug
  • tea towel, oven gloves and dish cloth

Don't bring

TVs - There are no aerial points in bedrooms so it's best to watch TV through your computer instead so only bring a TV if it's for gaming.

Kettles/toasters etc - If everyone in your flat brings one, you may end up with six of each crowding your kitchen. It's cheaper to share the costs between you and your flatmates.

Forbidden items - For safety reasons you're not allowed to bring deep fat fryers, chip pans, portable heaters, tumble dryers or sunbeds.

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