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TV Licence

‌When do you need a TV licence?

If you live in halls of residence and watch live TV in your own room, you will need your own TV licence.

But if you're only watching or downloading programmes that have already been broadcast using BBC iPlayer or another internet service, you don't need a TV licence.

If you use television-receiving equipment without a valid TV Licence, you risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000, plus court costs.

Term time licences

If you buy a TV licence on Welcome Day when you arrive in halls, the TV licesing people wuill ensure you are only charged for a term time licence.  Alternatively if you buy a full year's licence you may be entiteld to a refund for the weeks when you are home in the summer.

If you wish to arrange a refund or would like further information, simply click on the following link: TV Licensing for Students or call TV Licensing on 0300 790 6090.

For more information:

T: 0844 800 6734 W: TV licensing website

Flats with TV lounges

If you live in a flat that has a TV lounge and a TV that we've provided, and you still watch live TV in your room, you will still need to buy a licence.The flats that have a TV lounge with a TV provided are:

  • En suite plus rooms at Sir Peter Hilton Court
  • Standard plus and large standard plus rooms at Lonsdale Hall
  • All rooms at Laverstoke Court