Staying in halls over the summer

Lonsdale Hall Sir Peter Hilton Court

In Derby

Every year we allocate a hall for summer stayers. Lonsdale Hall is the summer hall for 2016, however, if you have a specific need for en suite facilities, we may consider allocating you a room at Sir Peter Hilton Court.


Advanced booking payment for summer stayers

You will also need to pay an advanced booking payment of £100.  This is an advance on your first rental payment and secures your booking.

If you are already living in halls your original advanced booking payment will cover you for your extra stay over the summer.

Summer car parking

Car parking our halls over the summer will be £1 per day (up to 10 weeks) with a minimum charge of £14 or maximum of £65 for the whole summer.

Moving in

If you're already living in halls, you'll move into your Summer room on or around the 2nd of July.  All balances and debits must be cleared before you can be a summer stayer.  Before you move, you'll continue to pay your current rate for your room. 

Apply now

To apply print off the form below, complete it and return it to us by post or email

Apply now to stay over the summer

In Buxton

For queries about staying at High Peak Halls during the summer please contact them directly:

T: 01298 330391.