Culture, Lifestyle and Landscape Research Group

Students inspecting affects of tourism on hillside

The Culture, Lifestyle and Landscape research group is based at the University's Buxton site and combines the work of over 20 researchers and a similar number of research students.

Research themes

Strategic themes for the group include areas of:

  • dark tourism
  • ecotourism
  • tourism in religious sites
  • destination websites
  • Facebook for travel planners
  • education relevant to the workplace.

Our research strategy is to make research available, applicable and relevant to teaching and learning, and to explore new areas of academic study.

Working with commercial partners

We provide unique synergies in the research environment and the key to our success is our ability to work closely and in a strategic manner with a select group of partners from the commercial world.

What we can offer:

  • a partnership
  • research and development
  • commercialisation of our research outputs
  • consultancy
  • staff training and professional development
  • student and graduate talent.

Downloadable paper

Critical Perspectives on Business Management Issue 3

Download our ‌Critical Perspectives on Business Management Issue 3 (PDF, 700kb)