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Our research

Solving business problems that matter

Simply put, our goal is to pursue relevant and robust research. Research that has an impact.

We generate, communicate and apply knowledge and insights for the direct benefit of our students, partners and community. Our approach is one of joint discovery between our researchers and research users.

Our research has a purpose - a responsibility to support what we teach to our students, and to directly help organisations solve real-world issues, making a difference to organisations while also extending academic understanding.

Our community of PhD students covers a wide range of discipline areas in Business. For further information on becoming a PhD student in Derby Business School, please contact the relevant lead member of staff in your area of interest.

For highly capable and motivated working professionals wishing to study at doctoral level, we offer a Doctorate in Professional Practice.

Our publications

Our publications

Current and past issues of our publications contributed to by various academics from Derby Business School, including our management journal.

DBS Research Group

Derby Business School Research Group

Our vision is to make an impact in the business community and to ensure relevance and employer engagement in our curriculum through our research.

low carbon

Low Carbon economy

With a long track record of supporting local and regional business enterprise, we are keen to support business innovation that is focused on the green, or low carbon, economy.

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Culture, Lifestyle and Landscape Research Group

Based at our Buxton site, this group combines the work of over 20 researchers and a similar number of research students.

Derby Business School Research contacts

Research contacts

Get to know the people we trust to encourage, support and inspire you: the research staff at Derby Business School.

Downloadable paper

Critical Perspectives on Business Management Issue 3

Download our ‌Critical Perspectives on Business Management Issue 3 (PDF, 700kb)