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Hello, we are Derby Business School

Anybody can feel inspired. It’s the human condition. Being inspired is like lighting a fire in your mind. Or having it lit.

The spark comes from a connection with an idea, a person, a place, an event. You have to stoke it with your own hard work and imagination, and examples of other’s courage, ingenuity and success.

At Derby Business School, we’re lucky: we simply look around us to find inspiration. Because here, it’s everywhere. In our students, our staff and our city.

In and around this city, there’s a living history of thinking, making and communicating that has influenced the world. We’re proud to be part of it.

Derby Business School is part of all this: connected and committed to the city, and driven by all it’s achieved. We know we’re a key component of a globally respected region. We know the responsibility of serving its needs, continuing its success and furthering its name.

What Derby was and is, makes us what we are: a relevant, real and galvanising part of the business success of our students and industry.

This is where you can find your own inspiration, because this is where graft, enterprise and innovation have always found a reward.

Shape your future, and Derby's, here with us.