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Improve employee performance and engagement

Imagine if you could improve performance, engagement and motivation across your organisation by offering a series of simple, online practices that take up only 5 minutes a day?

We’ve teamed up with iPerform who are personal development expert Paul Hannam and Olympic medalists Roger Black and Steve Backley, to offer a new and unique online performance improvement programme that integrates the best sports practices and proven personal development and business practices. It will help you engage your employees in self-development, with the aim of improving business performance.

Based on sound research in employee engagement, the iPerform programme is delivered in an accessible, easy to use technology package. Daily short videos, assignments and other resources are sent directly to your employees, taking them on an engaging journey of personal development.

Who is it for?

iPerform is for organisations looking to provide powerful coaching for their employees and to enhance current development programmes with e-learning that converts new skills in to habits and sustained high performance.

What are the benefits?

By enhancing your organisational development programme with iPerform, you will see:

  • Improved employee performance and results
  • Increased employee engagement and motivation
  • Improved talent retention
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness

You will also be supporting your employees to:

  • Achieve their professional and personal goals
  • Achieve a better work-life balance
  • Improve their communication and team skills
  • Develop essential leadership skills

How does it work?

Your employees learn one of 28 practices every week, with reviews every five weeks. This ensures that they can repeat and strengthen their new knowledge and skills and convert them in to positive habits. Over eight months each practice builds on the previous one as part of a specific step by step system to deliver high performance.

Daily learning

Each weekday users receive a video covering one specific strategy for the weekly practice. They are encouraged to practice their new skills and strategies by completing specific, short assignments and maintaining a personal journal. Simply watching a video for 5 minutes a day accumulates into significant learning and improvement, when combined with 20 minutes a week on the assignments.


Daily learning is delivered online. It can be accessed whenever and wherever employees have access to the internet.

What’s covered

Research shows that outstanding performers share 28 characteristics which have been converted in to 28 weekly practices:

Commit to improve Boost your EQ Face facts Embrace change
Motivate yourself Be more productive Use your imagination Solve problems
Set compelling goals Choose well Look on the bright side Build effective relationships
Know yourself Be yourself Assert yourself Be entrepreneurial
Align your values Toughen up See the big picture Find the right balance
Take the initiative Create an inspiring vision Develop positive beliefs Improve every day
Pay attention Savour the moment Influence others Putting it all together

The iPerform coaches

The iPerform coaches are world class athletes and Olympians Roger Black and Steve Backley. They are supported by business expert, author and trainer Paul Hannam who has successfully coached thousands of people.

What does it cost?

For a minimal investment of only £230 per employee your organisation can start using iPerform straight away.

Find out more

Contact us now for further information or use the sign up link at the top of the page. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 678 3311

While the University of Derby is a partner of iPerform we do not make any warranties as regards the product or it's fitness for purpose.

iperform - enhancing employee performance and engagement

Find out more

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iperform - enhancing employee performance and engagement
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