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Atlow Mill

The Atlow Mill Centre for Emotional Education is in a secluded valley in the Derbyshire Dales, in central England.

The site for the centre is an old mill, which has been situated there for over 1,000 years. However, now it opens its doors to people who want to find a more powerful and effective way of dealing with the challenges of life.

Atlow Mill Centre is a charity committed to developing a means of living and relating to others which reflects the potential of the human race to co-operate and communicate effectively with each other and to respect and nurture their environment. They provide a wide variety of courses and coaching which encourages people to focus on their own well being and that of others.

Atlow Mill Centre is a newly registered charity which was set up in October 1998 and gained its charitable status in December 1998. It took over an existing programme of courses designed to develop emotional literacy in the population at large. New programmes have been designed for two disadvantaged groups; victims of domestic violence and children at risk of school exclusion.

Atlow Mill staff have expertise in the area of emotional literacy. They work with couples, families, men's groups and individuals of all ages, races, creeds and sexual orientation, to enable them to address and resolve contentious issues in their lives. The centre is committed to contributing to the development of peaceful resolution of conflict in the world so that children grow up in an emotionally healthy environment.


The following programme is currently running at Atlow Mill:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Emotional Education

Students may progress to the MA Education.


Students apply to Atlow Mill throughout the year and enrol in September.

Award Ceremonies

Awarding students are invited to attend the University of Derby Awards Ceremonies which are held in January.

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