Vicki Thomas and Zuzanna Lipinska

21 March 2012

Research in Art and Design
Polish film poster


  • Date: Wednesday 21 March
  • Venue: Auditorium 4, Markeaton Street
  • Time: 2pm

This will be a two part presentation:

Vicki Thomas BSc MA (RCA)

is Senior Lecturer at The University of Northampton and organised the exhibition of Polish posters due to be exhibited at Markeaton Street from Monday 13 February until Monday 16 April.

Polish film and circus posters from the post-war decades have been admired and collected in 'The West'. At The University of Northampton we too saw that Polish posters from this period stood out as distinct group in the Osborne Robinson Collection. Why are these posters so distinctive? What is their history?

The posters provide a case study of how illustration and design crosses cultural and social divides, communicating in distinct ways within one society but also speaking to people in different cultures and communities.

Vicki Thomas in Conversation with Zusanna Lipinska

Eryk Lipinski's daughter Zusanna, was an art student in Warsaw during the years when the Polish Poster School flourished. She will talk about father's role in the group and the impact the posters made at the time. How she watched her father develop concepts for posters and amend them for publication. As a graduate she experienced the commissioning process and can share the insight gained as a designer. In 2011 she organised an exhibition at the Cartoon Gallery in Warsaw, of his posters alongside a collection of cartoons he had specially commissioned for her by famous artists he knew through his work. It is planned these images will form a backdrop to the interview.

More information on the Polish poster exhibition can be found on the website.

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