Sharing Media in Course Resources (Media Gallery)

Media Gallery – a new video sharing feature in Course Resources available now

How to add Media from Shared Repository to a module's Media GalleryWhat is the Media Gallery?

The Media Gallery allows you to upload and share your own media/video content, that you have created, directly into your modules in an easy and secure way. The Media Gallery is a different and improved way of embedding your own video content into your teaching materials, as it will be stored in our own in-house server system. This means Course Resources can now much more efficiently handle video files, which are often quite large and come in a variety of formats, without you having to upload videos to a 3rd party website like Youtube first.


You can organise your media content and can also search and use media from a central repository of content created for university-wide use on topics such as study skills and student support.

The sharing options available mean you can choose whether you share content across your entire module, with a group of students or with an individual student.

You’ll be able to edit your media using the inbuilt clipping tool, upload captions to it and add chapters to content if required.


Examples of how it can be used

The Media Gallery provides a way to easily integrate your own media within your learning and teaching. You might want to use it to-


  • Inspire and engage learners– by sharing video with students content for students you can facilitate engagement and questioning in relation to the key issues in the clips. Enabling more interactive activities and discussion within the module.
  • Offer unique video material tailored to your subject- Instead of using video content created by another organisation or individual, you can film and distribute material that is directly relevant to a particular learning outcome, or of overall interest to your subject.
  • Implement a flipped classroom approach- By sharing media with the students prior to a session you will have more time to discuss issues in class, enabling independent or peer-assisted learning through creating collaborative learning groups. You will also have the opportunity to assess the understanding of the group and engage the learners actively about the subject, leading to a deeper knowledge and understanding within the student cohort.
  • Foster a more personalised learning environment- by updating your students with a ‘talk to camera’ recording at regular periods you can provide guidance at points in a module to help create a more personalised learning experience, making the students feel more included and supported in the learning process.
  • Offer innovative assessment - Provide video case studies or role-play as part of an assessed piece of work for a dynamic and engaging experience resulting in more inspired learners who are able to discuss real-world practice, not just theory, increasing their employability.


Benefits for staff and students

The main benefits for staff with the Media Gallery is that you are able to easily upload your own content to a secure area, with the ability to control where, when and how it’s shared and with whom. This in turn benefits your students by offering bespoke video content at relevant points within their modules.


Can students upload to the Media Gallery?

Currently video upload is only available to staff but from September 2016 we intend to expand this provision to allow students to also upload video content to Course Resources. This will allow students to upload assessed work or share other relevant video content they have produced with fellow students and tutors. If you are interested in trialling this functionality with your students, we will be running a pilot project over the coming academic year.  To get involved in this pilot or if you would like support to run a media-based student assignment, please contact us at


When and where can I access it?

The Media Gallery sits in Course Resources, so you will only have to log on using your usual UoD Username and Password.


Where do I get help?

For help and guidance around using the Media Gallery, see the guides below or contact Learning Enhancement’s Media team at

If you have an idea for a piece of media content that would work well in our shared repository for use by several programmes or across all University of Derby course areas, then we’d also really like to hear from you.



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