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FAQs and "How to" guides

If I forget to resume my recording after pausing is my recording lost?

When the recorder is paused it will continue to record in the background (you will see the time counter continue to count up), but when the recording is published it will appear as if recording was stopped and started again.  If you forget to resume recording a session, the 'cut' content can be recovered in the Panopto editor.

You can locate your content using the links in the notification email sent by the system when processing is complete.  To make edits, follow the basic editing guide


I forgot to specify a folder for my recording and cannot find it.  How can I recover it?

If you do not specify a folder for your recording it is classed as ‘Offline’ and will remain on the recording computer’s hard drive.  To recover an offline recording you will need to upload it from the computer that it was recorded on:

  1. Open and login to the Panopto Recorder
  2. Click the Recording Status tab
  3. Find your recording in the list and click [Upload to Server] button
  4. Choose your module folder from the list and click [Add new session] button
  5. Give the session a name and click [Upload to Server] button
  6. Wait for the upload to complete.

I have copied links to lecture recordings from another module/programme in Course Resources, why are my students denied access to them?

This problem occurs when links to Panopto videos are copied between Course Resources module/programme areas, most commonly from modules from a previous academic year (source module) to the current academic year (destination module), or between modules/programmes with common topics.

To extend access permissions to your video content, ensure that you have setup up the destination module/programme by using the Panopto Focus Content tool in Course Resources.  (See guide here)

In the destination module/programme:

  1. Open the Panopto Focus Content tool and click on the [Configure] button
  2. Highlight source modules containing video content to be shared from the list on the left and click the [Add] button.
  3. Click the [Submit] button.

You will now see the Panopto Focus Content tool page listing all of the content users enrolled on the module/programme have access to.


I cannot login to the Panopto Recorder, why?

There are four common reasons why you may not be able to login to use the Panopto Recorder:

  1. Your computer is not connected to the Internet.
  2. Sometimes the server address is not automatically entered in the login dialogue. Type 'revision.derby.ac.uk' into the server address field and click [save].
  3. You can only log in to the system via the [Log in with Course Resources]button (PC) or with ‘Course Resources’ set as provider (MAC)
  4. You are a student and do not have 'creator' access to the system.  Creator access can be granted with justification from your tutor.  Ask your tutor to email tel@derby.ac.uk to help set this up. 


Can I use the Panopto recorder on my home PC/Mac?

Yes, as long as you have a University of Derby username and password and are a tutor or student with creator access, you will be able to download and install the recorder software. 

To install on a home or

Can I record using Panopto without an internet connection?

Yes it is possible to create recordings ‘offline’ and upload them later.  Before taking your computer offline to record, you must log in to the Panopto Recorder using an Internet connection and set the 'remember me' (PC) or Save Login and Password (MAC) option.  The disadvantage of doing this using the Panopto Recorder for PC is that you cannot view your recordings until they have been uploaded and published.

Which learning spaces are set up for lecture recording?

The Panopto Recorder software is installed on PC’s in all non-specialist learning space at the University.

As part of the University’s ongoing refurbishment project, microphones are also being installed in all teaching spaces to make them fully 'Lecture Record Ready'.  Some rooms will also have webcam and document cameras available to use as a capture source.

Click the link for a full list of and recording equipment installed.

If no equipment is available in your timetabled learning space, contact IT Service Centre to reserve a USB microphone.  These can be collected from:

  • Kedleston Road Library
  • Britannia Mill Library
  • Devonshire Campus (Buxton) Library
  • Markeaton Street - Media Store


"How to" guides

Below is a selection of help guides from the Panopto Support website.

Using the Editor
How to make a copy of your recording
How to change a recording name
How to move your recording to a different folder
Downloading podcasts versions of recordings
How to attach a PDF to your recording
Deleting your recording

General Enquiries

IT and AV support contact IT Service Centre

Email: ITServiceCentre@derby.ac.uk

Phone: 1234

For training and advice on using lecture recording (Panopto)

Email: TEL@derby.ac.uk

Phone: 01332 591865