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Lecture recording

An overview for teaching staff of the lecture recording facilities available at the University of Derby.


What is Lecture Recording

Lecture recording (a system made by Panopto) enables you to record your speech, PowerPoint slides, computer screen and any video feeds (like a webcam). The output is an ingenious video which viewers can interact with.


Alternative uses for Lecture Recording

Aside from recording lectures, teachers have been using lecture recording in innovative ways:

  • Student assignments (e.g. presentations)
  • Student feedback from tutor
  • Student peer assessment
  • Flipped teaching
  • Assignment explanations
  • Module introductions

For more help and information contact your College’s Media Adviser: Email tel@derby.ac.uk or call x1865.


Use and access

Increasingly, students have come to expect access to lectures after the event (Jewitt, 2015). Derby University has been upgrading rooms to enable lecture recording – see below for the list.

Lecture Recording integrates with Course Resources. You record your presentation directly into your module, and students can access it from there.


This is done using the Panopto tool in Course Resources (Blackboard) to create a secure folder for your recordings linked to your module or program.

Setup guide 

How to record

Here are the essential steps. Download PC and MAC guides 

Steps to record:

1)    Open the Panopto recording app and login with Course Resources

2)    Select the module from the list

  1. Optionally change name of the recording

3)    Select what you want to record

  1. You must have audio
  2. Then add PowerPoint, screen, webcam or visualiser

4)    Press the Record button

  1. Optionally pause the recording and restart (e.g. breaks)

5)    Press the Stop button when finished

6)    Do not turn off the computer until the recording has uploaded (typically 2-3 minutes per hour of recording)

7)    The recording becomes available in your module (this might take one hour in busy periods)

Quick start help guides

Mac - Quick start to Lecture Recording guide

PC - Quick start to Lecture Recording guide

How to share Lecture Recording videos


List of Lecture Recording ready rooms

Rooms which have been upgraded to enable lecture recording are: (light blue boxes indicate cameras are located in these rooms)


Kedleston Road
E603 E615 E813 E907 OL2 N109 N410 N513 B104 K202 T204
E604 E616 E814 E908 HEAP N111 N412 N613 B117 K203 S104a
E605 E618 E815 E909 N101 N112 N414 N701 B122 K204 S302
E606 E620 E901 E910 N103 N310 N501 N702 B228 T008 S303
E607 E703 E902 E911 N104 N401 N502 N703 B301 T112   
E610 E801 E904 E912 N105 N405 N504 N704 B302 T116
E611 E802 E906 OL1 N108 N409 N512 N720 K201  T201


Britannia Mill Friar Gate
LG03 G06 114 119 313 FG102 FG203
LG05 G07 115 120 314 FG103 FG204
G02 G08 116 309     FG104 FG301
G03 G09 117 310 FG201   
G05 G10 118 311 FG202


DO/G04 DO/G25a DO/113c DO/116d DO/121d TL101 WMLG02
DO/G05 DO/108 DO/115 DO/119 SB/103 E001 WM003
DO/G16 DO/110 DO/116a DO/121a SB/111 E002 WM004
DO/G17 DO/111a DO/116b DO/121b BS/102 E004 WM006
DO/G18 DO/111b DO/116c DO/121c   WMLG01 WM103


EC and LonsdaleOaklands Harpur Hill
Centre House Harpur Hill ENG CR007 ENG IT008
G11 G14 LH102


ENG CR008 Oakland
G13 116 LH106 ENG CR003 ENG CR106  OM/07



If your room is not listed it’s still possible to record using a portable mic. Please read Panopto with USB mic guide.


Sharing with people not enrolled on your course

By default, the content can only be seen by those enrolled on the module. But, you can share recordings to other individuals or groups inside or outside the University. Read the help guide here.


Case studies of how  Lecture capture (Panopto) has been used

Using Panopto to live broadcast lectures at Lancaster University

The evolution of learning a biologist flips the classroom at the University of Birmingham

Panopto at City and Guilds enhancing communications and cutting costs

Bringing Lecture Capture to the University of Northampton



Copyright Guidelines for Lecture Recording

JISC Legal website.

FAQ’s and “How To” guides

Jewitt, K. (2015). Connecting Students with Customized Technology Solutions

Mac - Quick start to Lecture Recording guide

PC - Quick start to Lecture Recording guide

How to share Lecture Recording videos

General Enquiries

IT and AV support contact IT Service Centre

Email: ITServiceCentre@derby.ac.uk

Phone: 1234

For training and advice on using lecture recording (Panopto)

Email: TEL@derby.ac.uk

Phone: 01332 591865